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Hairstyle Inspiration & Tips From The Pros At Salon Artigiano

Whether it’s the highly anticipated date number one, a casual date to a sporting event, or date night with the girls, showing up in style is a must – especially if you’re planning to document the moment with selfies. Check out these easy, date night hairstyles to help inspire you for your next big night. 


  • Towel dry wet hair and apply air-dry cream to help control frizz and also shorten your hair’s drying time. It helps bring out your natural texture so you can get out the door faster.
  • This style is versatile and works for any hair length.
  • Once it’s dry, you can either leave it wavy or use a curling iron to touch up any curls. 


  • While your hair is damp, apply an anti-frizz smoothing cream.
  • Blow dry it straight.
  • Start by gathering all of your hair to one side. To keep it secure, insert pins vertically starting at the nape and going to the middle of your head.
  • Brush your hair to the opposite side and begin twisting your hair upward going counterclockwise. Tuck any pieces of hair that hang out into the twist and add pins throughout to secure it.
  • For extra control, finish by misting the updo with hairspray to keep it in place.


  • After towel drying, apply a smoothing lotion to damp hair to tame flyaways and for heat protection so you can achieve the perfect sleek blowout without harming your hair.
  • Once the hair is straight, grab two small sections of hair from each side of your head and cross them so that they meet at the back.
  • While holding the sections against your head, insert long bobby pins in any color vertically across for an eye-catching look.


  • Apply a walnut-sized amount of volumizing mousse through damp hair to help give the top of the ponytail instant fullness and root lift.
  • For extra volume after the hair is dry, you can try holding it up vertically and brushing a teasing comb in a downward direction toward the roots.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the amount of volume, take a small hair tie and secure the top section so that it rests against the middle of the back of your head.
  • Wrap a piece of hair around the hair tie so that it covers it completely.
  • Style the rest of the hair by using a curling wand to create ringlets or brush them out to form waves.


  • Start by prepping damp hair with a smoothing serum to help tame any unwanted frizz then blow dry. 
  • Separate a medium-sized piece of hair from the center of the hairline and clip away the rest of the hair on the sides.
  • Begin creating a Dutch braid down the middle of the head moving toward the crown by splitting section it into three pieces.
  • Dutch braid the pieces by crossing the left and right strands underneath the middle strand.
  • Continue grabbing pieces of hair from the sides and adding it to the original strands until all of the hair is braided.
  • Once you reach the nape of the neck, tie it off with a small hair tie.
  • The trick to making the braid as big as possible is to gently tug on the sides to loosen it up.
  • Unclip the hair on the sides and tie it into a ponytail with the braid. To conceal the hair tie, wrap a small piece of hair around the ponytail and pin it in place.

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