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Searching for the right fit as a professional stylist or assistant can be a scary experience. There are so many concerns:

• Will I like the staff ?
• Will my clients feel at ease ?
• Will my clients follow me ?

You will relieve all of your fears as soon as you join our unique Team at Salon Artigiano. The Salon Artigiano Team is comprised of a group of professionals with many levels and years of experience.

In the salon industry it is unique to work with a group of professionals that blends the right personalities to develop personal and professional success. We all work seamlessly in order for every client to have the best possible experience.

Salon Artigiano offers a vast array of services. Each of our Team members has their own unique set of skills beyond just “cutting hair”. Do you do hair extensions? Or possibly make-up application? Maybe you specialize in Color or Formal Hair styling? We invite you to come join us at Salon Artigiano and bring your talents with you.

Our Professional Team is just large enough without being overwhelming. Our assistants are trained to perform “hands on” duties and enjoy the benefits of learning from a great group of professionals. Assistant’s are encouraged to observe and learn through the course of the day.
So come in, say hi, and inquire about becoming a member of our Team!

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Applicants that are interested in joining the Salon Artigiano “Family” of professionals in quality hair care are encouraged to contact Ginny Potena at