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The fleeting days of summer might signal the winding down of many warm weather activities, but September always welcomes another level of excitement. Marking the beginning of a new school year, the month brims with school-related activities, the joy of reuniting with familiar faces, and the eagerness to forge new connections. Why not pair this new beginning with a fresh look that matches your vibrant spirit? 

Embrace the back-to-school season by trying some trendy and time-saving hairstyles or indulge in a more intricate style that radiates elegance. From chic short bobs to charming curtain bangs, the options are limitless. Here are some trending hairstyles for you to consider as you start your school year. 

Pro tip: Use a good leave-in conditioner and hair spray to give your hair some texture, remove frizz, and add shine.

Messy Bun – Create the easy-breezy fan-bun by tying your hair into a high ponytail, folding it into a loop with a hair elastic. Widen the looped hair on top, giving the bun a thick appearance. Twist the ends of the looped hair around the bun and secure with clips. Loosen the crown area for a relaxed look. Frame your face with twisted loose tendrils for added softness.

Bob’s Right! – Whether you get a short mullet, or a shaggy lob, versatility and low maintenance are what bob hairstyles are known for, making them the most popular hairstyles for students and teachers alike. If you are unsure about what bob will look best on you, why not ask your favorite hairstylist?

High Ponytail with a Twist – This trendy hairstyle is one of the easiest to create. Use a hair tie to bunch your hair into a high ponytail. Now, divide it into two equal sections. Divide each section further into two equal parts. Twist these two hair parts around each other creating a rope twist. Go all the way down and tie it up with a hair elastic. Create the same effect with the other side, creating another rope twist. Now twist both these rope twists with each other to create a thick mane and tie it up at the end. Loosen the loops equally to give it the final touch. 

Bangs Add Oomph – The 70s curtain bangs are all the rage this season. They are one of the most effortless fringe styles worn by any face shape and hair type. Create this look with a center parting. Cut the center portion of your bang as long as the center of your nose or longer. Gently cut the sides diagonally, keeping them longer near the ears, ensuring that they frame your eyes and face naturally. Add it to a bob to create a more youthful look. If you are not confident with scissors, get help from haircare experts to create this look for you.

Kick-Off Your New Academic Year with a Hairstyle that Complements You

Now that you’ve decided to try a new hairstyle, get ready to embark on your school adventure with a fresh and exciting look. If you’re still unsure about the best haircut or style for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our hair experts at Salon Artigiano. Our professionals are skilled at recommending styles, colors, and cuts that perfectly complement your personality and individual style. Embrace the transformation and step into a new year at school with renewed confidence! 

To book an appointment with the professionals at Salon Artigiano, call us at 609-581-6600 or send us a message.