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If you are dealing with hair loss or thinning hair, non-surgical hair pieces or hair toppers offer instant solutions. Hair toppers can be attached using tape, clips, or other hair extension methods. They help provide natural-looking coverage to the top and sides of your thinning hair. Below, we discuss the advantages of tape in hair toppers and the reasons for their popularity.

9 Advantages that Make Tape-in Hair Toppers Popular 

  1. Easy to apply and remove – Tape-in hair toppers are quicker to apply and remove than other methods like hair bonding and sewing. 
  2. Natural looking – Made from 100% human hair, tape-in hair toppers blend in easily with your natural hair.  The tapes lie flat against the scalp, making them discreet and easy to conceal. 
  3. Instant Coverage – Once applied, they provide instant coverage and volume to your hair.
  4. Multiple styling options – Once applied to your scalp,feel free to straighten, curl, or give them a wavy texture using the same precautions and equipment you use on your natural hair.  
  5. Suitable for various hair types – These hair pieces come in various colors, lengths, and texture. So, you can choose the one that matches your hair.
  6. Comfortable – These tape-in hair pieces use adhesive that is gentle on the hair and doesn’t require heat, making them less prone to hair breakages and damage caused by heat treatments. This makes them lightweight and easy to wear for a long time.
  7. Reusable – With proper handling and maintenance, hair toppers can be reused. After removal, the tapes can be replaced, and the extensions reapplied using new adhesive.
  8. Cost-effective – Hair toppers give you volume and length at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional hair extension methods.
  9. Secure attachment – It has a strong adhesive that keeps it in place making it less likely to slip or move from its intended area.

Enhance Your Beautiful Tresses with the Right Volume and Coverage

Discover an accessible and budget-friendly solution to boost coverage and volume for your thinning hair with hair toppers. Rely on the expertise of a skilled hair stylist during the application or removal process to minimize potential risks of damage to your natural hair. At Salon Artigiano, our dedicated stylists guide you in selecting a hair topper that seamlessly blends with your hair, providing the perfect fit and comfort you deserve. Rest assured, our trained professionals ensure precise attachment, ensuring the hair topper blends effortlessly with your natural hair for a flawless look.

To book an appointment with the professionals at Salon Artigiano, call us at 609-581-6600 or send us a message.