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Believe it or not the way you brush your hair can cause stress and breakage.  Using a professional tool such as a wet brush or wide-tooth comb is very important.  Always start from your ends up to detangle.  Towel drying your hair as much as possible after a shower and applying a reconstructive spray in your hair will help to prevent further split ends.

Headbands have been around forever!! You will be surprised what they can do  to your hairline.  The hair around the perimeter of your face is the most fragile. As a result if you are rough when pushing headbands on and even if your slicking back your hair into a bun, it doesn’t take much strain to break those hairs.  Be gentle in the process to avoid damage to those fragile hairs.

Ponytails are one of my most favorite styles. Being a mom and always on the run, a ponytails are convenient and stylish, but the repetitive habit will cause damage such as broken hair and split ends.  Not to mention when you remove the ponytail, aka ripping and pulling will definitely compromise the integrity of your hair.

So be mindful when brushing & styling your hair to be gentle.  The above tips will help your hair stay  beautiful, strong & healthy!!