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Here are some simple TLC tips for your skin, hair & nails!
  • Use a gentle moisturizing soap for dry and tired skin. Especially during these winter months when everything feels more dry than usual.  Moisturize after every shower along with your moisturizing soap.  Remember you can never over moisturize!
  • Keeping hydrated by drinking plenty of water is also very important.  By keeping hydrated your water intake will flush bad toxins from your body which can cause skin problems.
  • Replace your makeup every 6 months, aging products can contribute to skin problems.
  • Wash your hair ever second or third day.  Many woman wash their hair daily which does not allow your hair’s natural oils to moisturize your scalp giving your hair a sleeker healthier look.  Use a professional shampoo rather than over the counter shampoos which contain much more alcohol that dries the scalp and hair.
  • When polishing your nails roll the nail polish between both hands rather than shaking the bottle which causes air bubbles in the polish making it difficult for the polish to go on smooth giving your nails a beautiful finish.
Remember caring for your inner self will radiate through your outward appearance every day!