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Holidays are for dressing up! You dress up your windows, and your festive dinner table. You dress up your home with holiday décor and your yard with lights, floral decorations, and more. So, how do you dress up your hair for all the fun festivities? Here are a few tips from our expert hair stylists about the trending holiday fashion hair styles this year.

Before we go further, just remember to use quality heat protection products for your hair and gloves where needed if dealing with hot equipment.

Finger Wave Hair – This 30s hair style is back and looks good on all hair types and hair lengths.  All you need is a hair straightener, some good quality mouse, a small tooth comb, and your fingers to create delicate S shaped finger waves framing your face. Add to it some streaks of color for a modern glam look.

Messy, Low Ponytail – Tie hair into a low ponytail with center parting, leaving some hair strands out on either side of your face. Add hair defining cream. Then take some hair strands framing your face and give them a gentle wave with the help of a heating rod. And rock your fashion hairstyle! 

Headbands – The 60s headband look is back. Tie your hair up or wear it down. Then accessorize with a headband or two to create a dramatic look. Just remember to use the right products to keep your hair in place and create the right mood with this fun holiday hair style

The Shag’s Back! – Create the Classic Shag with beachy waves and soft bangs by using a curling iron. Move the iron section by section all through your hair. For your bangs, use a good heat-resistant styling cream and twist small sections of your bangs upwards to make them look wavy.  Finally, you can use a good hair volumizer and finishing spray to add shine and volume to your hair and dazzle everyone with this rock ’n roll inspired look.

Disco Curls – This Diana Ross-inspired look of wearing your hair big is back in style. Create this look by using a curling iron on small sections of your hair. Target all the back hair bit by bit. Ensure that you don’t go all the way up to the roots. Work through the hair a few times to warm the hair, then twist the hair and gently remove the curling iron.  Go back and redo any troubled curls. Then after doing the back hair, work on the front and create the same soft bounce.

Micro Braiding – Take some loose fly-away strands framing either side of your hair and twist them into braids. Keep them untied at the ends. Add some silver or gold strings to your braids if you want. Use hair spray to keep them in place for the perfect looking holiday hairstyle.

Hair Extensions – Hair extensions are hugely popular. Use them to create extra layers on your hair. Create highlights by adding lighter colored hair extensions. Or create a thicker ponytail by adding a piece to your hair.  There is also a wide variety of beautiful bun pieces to choose from.

Bird’s Nest – A Bird’s Nest is nothing but a high messy bun, created by tying your hair into a high ponytail. Then back combing it and twisting it around into a bun. Loosen the bun gently by pulling with your hands to make it look bigger. Add a tiara or clip-on bangs to complete this look.

Let our hair care professionals at Salon Artigiano help you achieve the right hairstyle that completes your look this holiday season.  

To book an appointment with our hair colorists at Salon Artigiano, call us at 609-581-6600 or send us a message.