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Its that time of year again “Back to School”, and with it comes all kinds of wanted and unwanted items in our homes. Books, forms to sign, homework, school calendars and maybe but hopefully not an unwanted visitor LICE!!! That four letter word no one wants to hear or see!!!

These tiny annoying insects are attracted to human scent, so anything to masked the hair with another scent repels the lice from getting into your hair.
So don’t panic. Here are a few simple ways to avoid these 4 legged creatures.

  1. If your child has long hair pull it up in a bun and spray it with lots of hairspray!
  2. Wash your child’s hair with oil scented shampoos like lavender, tea or coconut.

These simple suggestions do work so use them if need be! Have a safe, happy and lice free school yea!