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Dive into the world of versatile and low-maintenance hairstyles that effortlessly blend chic vibes with a touch of glamour. Loose perms, once a dazzling hallmark of the ’80s and ’90s, are back with a contemporary twist that promises to redefine your style. Unlike their predecessors, modern loose perm hairstyles today don’t appear over-processed or brittle as they did before. Thanks to the latest techniques and quality products, today’s perms boast a more natural, healthy, and silky-smooth look, making them a preferred choice for both men and women. 

2024’s Trendiest Loose Perm Hairstyles for Men and Women 

From Hollywood actors like Bella Hadid and Katie Holmes to K-pop stars and television personalities like Jungkook and Gong Woo, loose perms have found a diverse clientele. Their versatile nature, easy upkeep, and the ability to suit any hair type and hair length has made them extremely popular. Here are some of this year’s trendy, loose perm hairstyles for men and women. 

  • Long Wave Perm: This look is achieved by using a curling iron to create waves framing your face. If you have long hair and want a glamorous, red-carpet-worthy appearance, this look is for you.
  • Beach Wave Perms: Craving the soft, tousled appearance reminiscent of a day at the beach? The Beach Wave perm is your answer. Achieve this minimalistic yet stunning wavy look using soft, spongy rollers instead of hot rods for that effortlessly chic vibe.
  • Loose Spiral Perms: Achieve red-carpet-worthy allure by using a curling iron to craft waves that elegantly frame your face. Perfect for those with long locks, this style promises a glamorous and sophisticated appearance.
  • Body Wave Perm: If you want to add some natural bounce and texture to your hair, opt for the Body Wave perm. With curls tighter and more defined than the Beach Wave, this style achieves a charming, wavy look. Consult your hairstylist to chemically transform straight hair into these delightful waves using long rollers or rods.
  • Short Curly Stacked Bob: Meant for those with natural thick curls, the Curly Bob is easy to maintain and adaptable to different hair types and face shapes. It offers a short bob but with enough length around the face. 

Indulge in Effortless Curls for a Trendy and Elegant Look

From graceful long spiral locks to stylish short curly bobs, the allure of glossy, soft, and buoyant curls is taking center stage in 2024. Leveraging top-tier haircare products and cutting-edge techniques, expert hairstylists can now craft shiny natural-looking perms. Whether envisioning a hairstyle for your long or short hair, rely on your trusted hairdresser to craft those flawless loose perms tailored just for you.

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