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Keratin treatment has revolutionized haircare! You can truly transform and delight in the way your hair looks and feels. This protein-rich formula infuses your hair with essential proteins, eliminates frizz and dryness, and leaves it silky smooth and manageable. Reduces drying time in half for those of you that have thick hair.  With proper care, the effects of this treatment can last anywhere from 4 to 6 months. 

9 Vital Tips for Keratin Treatment Aftercare

  1. First Rinse: If you just got your hair treated with keratin, wait at least 72 hours before washing it for the first time. This will allow the keratin to penetrate all your hair strands deeply and effectively.
  2. Let Your Hair Down: Tying your hair or tucking it behind your ears is a strict no-no during the first 72 hours post-treatment. Styling it too soon can bend hair strands leading to crimps, kinks, and undesirable folds. 
  3. Hair Wash Regimen: Now that the 72 hours are over, avoid shampooing frequently as every wash slowly strips the hair of the treatment. Use only a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. However, you can co-wash (only conditioner, no shampoo) more frequently. Adding a gentle leave-in hair conditioner after a hair wash is also recommended. 
  4. Deep Conditioning: It’s important to look after your keratin-treated hair with regular deep conditioning. Think of it as a spa day for your hair, ensuring that the keratin treatment lasts longer while giving your locks the moisture they crave. 
  5. Protect You Hair From Sun and Heat: Keep your keratin-treated hair in top-notch condition by avoiding direct sun exposure and heat-styling tools. Excessive heat can rob your hair of moisture and keratin goodness. Embrace the practice of air-drying your locks after washing and give your hairdryer a break. When you’re out and about, don a stylish hat or carry an umbrella/parasol to protect your hair from the sun’s harsh rays. Your hair will thank you with lasting smoothness and shine!
  6. Splash Without Worry: Chlorinated pools and salty ocean waves can dry out your hair and rob it of that precious keratin. To keep your hair silky smooth, steer clear of dunking your head in these waters. Instead, hydrate your locks with fresh water and apply a nourishing leave-in conditioner before taking the plunge. 
  7. Use Gentle Haircare Products:  anti-frizz serums will keep your hair healthy and prolong the effects of the treatment. 
  8. Sleep Routine: Let your hair down ortie it loosely in a soft bun or braid before sleeping, and if possible, switch to a silk pillowcase to avoid friction.
  9. Regular Professional Touch-ups: Give your hair a professional touch-up every few months to ensure that the treatment lasts longer and your hair stays moisturized.

Maximize the Effects of Your Keratin Treated Hair with Proper Care

A keratin treatment transforms your hair, making it smooth, shiny, and effortlessly manageable. By embracing the aftercare tips we’ve shared, you can prolong these fabulous benefits and keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant. Still on the fence about whether this treatment is right for you, or have lingering questions about post-treatment? Don’t hesitate to contact your favorite hairstylist to address any concerns and tailor the perfect hair care plan for your unique texture and lifestyle. Dive into the world of silky, stunning hair today!

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