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Have you ever thought of how many different emotions we feel at any given time?Depending on the people involved or the situation we find ourselves experiencing there are too many emotions to even name.  So I thought about a recent situation I experienced while attending a social affair, I was having a BAD HAIR DAY, Uhh!  

It changed my whole mood while I was getting ready.  The dress I bought that I thought was so beautiful didn’t quite look so beautiful, my make up didn’t impress me, even my husbands new suit did’t wow me anymore. Nothing looked right to me all because of my hair.  The social event I was looking forward to attending changed to I’d rather stay home. And then I thought; How many of us feel this way on a bad hair days?  

Our hair is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves!  If we walk out of a salon with a new great look we’re on top of the world, but did you ever walk out of a salon and it was nothing you expected? You walk out of the salon hoping no one recognizes you feeling physically and emotionally sick. Are you the age when you notice your hair is turning gray or it starts to thin? Instantly we panic! It affects us on  such a deep level that we obsess about it for days, weeks until we get to the root of the problem (relatively speaking).  

Think about how often we automatically look at our hair?  If we hear a knock on our door or we are knocking at someones door,  what do we do? Fix our hair!  Wherever or whenever we see our reflection  it could be a mirror, the window of our car anything that will reflect our appearance, we unconsciously fix our hair!!  I bet we can’t even count the amount of times throughout the day we do it! Did you know that when a person receives a negative report from their Dr. one of the very first questions asked is “Am I going to loose my hair?”  So with that said; How many times do you fix, think or look at your hair throughout the day?