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Summer is finally here and we know what that means. Higher temperatures, chlorine and sun are three damaging ingredients that can lead to dry and brittle locks.

Thankfully there are a few simple things we can do to protect our tresses while enjoying the weather.

  1. With the intense heat in the air you can get into a routine of air drying your hair instead of using a hairdryer.
  2. Ultra violet rays are not only damaging to the skin but also to our tresses.  Wear a hat, wrap your hair in an attractive scarf or simply put it in a ponytail!
  3. Use a more gentle nourishing shampoo to treat your hair.  Gentle shampoos can minimize dryness.  Also use a conditioner on your hair more often. Leave in conditioners are even more beneficial.
  4. Last but  not least try to wash your hair less often. Try 2-3x’s a week instead of daily.