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Summer is on its way, and it is the perfect time to turn up the heat by choosing the right shade for your hair. If you want to ring the alarm, a change in your hair color is a good way to turn heads. If you want a new look that captures the bold hues of summer, discuss these trendy shades with your hair colorist.

Mega Blonde – Blonde is back for the summer. Well, it never left. The blonde tones made popular in the 90s is seeing a resurgence like never before. People are asking their hair colorists for mega blonde to achieve this blonde bombshell shade. Any skin tone can look great with this cool hue. But to find out if it’s the right shade for your hair, discuss the treatment with your hair colorist before diving right in. If you have a darker base, this process can be long but worth it. This hair color is bold and beautiful but can take a couple of lifts of your base. It also involves using highlights throughout to brighten your look. 

Spiced Copper – Spiced copper is a popular choice for anyone looking to go red. This spicy hue can bring a glow to any skin tone. A bit darker than what is common for summer, this warm-toned shade can make for a sultry look. If you want to go dark but still have some vibrancy, this is the shade for you. If you need some depth in your dark base, you can warm up with this fiery but subtle red hair color. 

Neon Shades – Bold colors of all kinds are making a comeback, but neon shades are what will make your summer feel sunny and bright. This summer shade is not only finding popularity at music festivals but also finding its place in everyday hair color trends. Neon hair shades can vary from orange to purple, and even green—brighter is better. You can ask your colorist to lighten your base and bleach your existing hair color to have a neon color that pops.

Honey Brown – A great way to renew your look without going overboard. Honey brown is a hair color that is cool for the summer and leaves you looking sun kissed. This golden brown can give your hair depth and shine with golden brown highlights on a dark base. If you have a lighter hue to your current hair color, honey brown can be combined with your base and give you a rich balayage that brings out the shine in your hair. 

If you want to refresh your hair color with a trendy summer shade, discuss your options with our professional colorists at Salon Artigiano. Finding the right shade for your hair is as simple as booking an appointment with us and selecting a hair color that rivals the summer heat.

If you want to book an appointment at Salon Artigiano, call us at 609-581-6600 or send us a message.