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Come May, we all start looking forward to celebrating life’s many exciting milestones. Yes, we’re talking about the eagerly awaited prom parties, graduation ceremonies, and wedding festivities! Finding the right hairstyle for your special occasion is an important part of the preparations.

From soft voluminous waves to messy hair updos, “there’s a hairstyle for every individual and occasion,” say our expert hairstylists. Here are some hairstyles for special events compiled by us to help you look trendy and confident on your important day. TIP: Remember to use a good heat-protecting spray before applying any heating equipment to your hair.

Easy-Breezy Prom and Graduation Hairstyles

Chunky, Side Boho Braid 

Create this look by braiding a side section of your hair. Add some extra strands to each braided loop to add an interesting touch. Gently loosen each braid with your fingers to complete the boho look. Leave the rest of your hair down and add shine and/or volumizing spray. Now, add your graduation cap and dazzle everyone with your confident smile.

Voluminous Waves 

Create volume by adding some leave-in conditioner to your hair while it’s still wet and then applying enough thickening spray all over your hair. Invest in a good curling iron to add waves and blend them with a brush. Finally, add your favorite hairspray for a good hold. 

Fun with Bobby Pins

Bobby pinsare back in vogue. They are easy to use and can add the right touch to make you look trendy. A chic and simple look can be created by parting your hair at the center. Then twist some strands on each side framing your face and clip them at equal distance. And ta-da, you are all ready for the prom! 

Chic Wedding Hairstyles 

French Twist with Bangs

Ideal for those with bangs, create this elegant look by parting your hair on one side and back-combing it. Then, brush your hair all to one side. Tie it up at the end to create a loose ponytail. Now, use a pair of chopsticks or pencils on either side of your ponytail and roll it up and to the side creating a neat twist. Add some hair pins to hold your hair together in a neat roll and gently pull out the chopsticks. Finally, add hairspray for a good hold.

Messy, Low Boho Updo

To get this look, spray some volumizing hairspray all over your hair. Then use a curling iron to curl your hair, section by section. Blend the curls together with a wide tooth comb. Tie your hair into a low ponytail, leaving some hair on either side to frame your face. Divide your ponytail into two sections and twist them loosely under each other forming a low updo. Then, hold the hair framing on each side of your face and gently twist and wrap it over the bun. Hold them together with hair pins. Leave a few wavy strands on either side of your face to create a soft look. 

Glam Up with Beautiful Hair for Your Big Day

Remember, it’s your special day and you need to feel comfortable and confident in how you look. It’s important that you choose a look that speaks to you. If you want your look to be just perfect, get an appointment with your favorite hairstylist. Then you can just focus on creating everlasting memories! 

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