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The cold, dreary winter is finally over, making way for warmer sunny days this spring. From soft pastel hues of pinks, lilacs, and blues, to bright bold reds, spring is the perfect time to switch up your hair color and try something new. The hair color trends that are making their way back this spring are whimsical and fun, reflecting our overall happier moods. Read on to see the spring hair colors that our expert hair stylists recommend this season.

Rose Gold – A pretty take on gold, rose gold hair color can suit various skin tones and hair types. Add a touch of coral, pink, or blonde to give it your spin. For example, Peach Rose Gold, which has honey-colored undertones, is pretty and can look good on all hair and skin types. 

Blue-Green or Sage – If nature inspires you and you want to do something different to your hair, go green this spring. Totally in vogue, this is an expensive look that is in trend. Get a paler undertone of sage green or add some blue notes to green to give it a more vibrant touch and create a statement.

Never Bored with Red – Red is a trend that will never get out of style. Add fiery copper or cherry reds for a warm undertone and step out with a confident stride. If you want a more dramatic look, get your hairstylist to color your hair ombre red that fades from a dark red at the roots to a brighter shade at the ends.

Blonde and Beautiful – From strawberry blonde to warm caramel, choose the right shade depending on your skin type and you will never go wrong with the color blonde. 

The strawberry blonde look is easily acquired by fading out the reds that you had last season. It is a pale vibrant take on red with soft honey tones. It looks great on light and medium skin tones, and you can take either a warm or cool take on it as you fancy. 

Caramel blonde is a delicious mix of warm caramel and cool blonde shades giving your hair a sun-kissed look.

Spring is all about expressing yourself in colors that lift your spirits. From dramatic warm notes of red or cool shades of pink, there is a hair color for everyone. Book an appointment with your professional hairstylist and embrace the new season with a fresh new look. 

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