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You protect your face with a moisturizer and sunscreen, especially when heading out in the sun. So, why not protect your hair from the sun’s harmful effects as well? The sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. However, there are effective methods to counter and even prevent the damage caused by sun exposure. 

Now that the summer has ended, along with many outdoor activities, let’s explore how deep conditioning treatments can repair any harm that excessive sun exposure may have caused. 

How The Sun Damages Your Hair 

Your scalp is the uppermost part of your body directly exposed to the sun. However, the hair surrounding it protects it from direct sunlight, making the occurrence of skin-related diseases extremely unlikely. In the process, your hair must bear the adverse effects that the sun’s rays may cause. 

The sun’s UV rays break down proteins from the hair shaft making it brittle. The rays also sap the moisture from your hair strands, leaving them extremely dry and full of split ends. Furthermore, extreme sun exposure causes premature greying and alters color-treated hair, giving it a more washed-out appearance. 

How a Deep Conditioning Treatment Can Help Your Hair 

To protect your hair from sun damage, you need to keep it well hydrated. Applying a deep conditioner at least once a week ensures it looks and feels healthy. Apply a sufficient quantity to your hair. Too little may not help at all. Too much can leave your hair feeling limp, greasy, and lifeless. Also, remember to wash your hair before applying a conditioning treatment, for maximum benefit. This treatment is recommended at least once a week. But you may need to condition it more often, depending on the state of your hair. 

Ask a hair specialist to help you set up a routine depending on what suits your hair best. A good deep conditioning treatment can help your hair by:

  • Restoring moisture: Proper hair conditioning adds moisture to your hair, making it soft and resilient to the touch.
  • Bringing back shine: Well-moisturized hair brings back its natural luster making it more nourished and healthier.
  • Promoting elasticity: It is a more intense treatment than regular conditioning. It nourishes, moisturizes, and makes hair stronger, as well as prevents breakages.
  • Protecting hair color: It can help lock in the hair color, preventing it from fading due to sun exposure.
  • Stopping premature greyingAs per a recent study, overexposure to the sun can stop follicles from producing color, and in turn, accelerate the process of greying. Proper hair conditioning can nourish your hair and keep it moisturized. 

Fortify Your Hair with Proper Care 

While your hair can get visibly damaged due to over-exposure to the sun’s rays, it doesn’t mean that you should stop all outdoor activities. With proper deep conditioning, you can eliminate and reverse any signs of sun-related hair damage. 

If you have hair that feels dry, dull, or brittle and you want to keep it healthy, consult your favorite haircare expert to see if deep conditioning will work for you. Our hair professionals at Salon Artigiano have the knowledge and experience to recommend the best haircare treatments based on your hair type. So don’t hold back. Enjoy your day in the sun, knowing that you can maintain your hair and keep it looking its healthiest, always!

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