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The Dangers of Washing Your Hair Too Much During the Winter

Keeping your hair at its healthiest in the winter is a bit of a challenge due to the dramatic changes in temperature and conditions when going in and outdoors. From the dry heat inside to the blistering cold outside, it is important to keep your hair as moisturized as possible without leaving it wet or damp. With that being said, women often tend to wash their hair less during the winter months since they aren’t sweating as much – but is that a good decision? 

During the winter months our hair becomes dry very easily due to the absence of moisture in the air. The dry indoor heat robs our hair of moisture, plus the effects of the cold weather outdoors and it’s pretty much a lose/lose situation. Washing your hair too often during the winter is taking away more of that moisture and the natural oils it needs to remain healthy.  For those with flakes and scalp issues, lightening up on the cleansing can help with itching and flaking. Watching your diet and managing stress are also good solutions for scalp concerns.

Logically, your hair washing routine during the winter months depends on your situation, hair type, hairstyle and lifestyle. If you exercise regularly and your hair needs to be washed, a good conditioner comes in handy. This will ensure that the moisture is retained by your hair and that the hair is protected from the harsh elements. 

Dry winter air means that all hair textures should commit to weekly hair treatments to replace lost moisture. Once a week, slather on conditioner and leave it on for 30 minutes so the moisture can really penetrate into the hair shaft.

If your fine hair has gone extraordinarily limp between shampoos, a good thickening spray will help build up the style and add volume. Dry shampoos are great for this because they keep the hair fuller, more robust and expand the hair shaft.

Never go outside with damp hair to bypass potential damage. Anything that’s cold and wet expands, and that’s what can happen with your hair shaft in the cold weather, which puts you at risk for breakage and makes your color fade faster.

Yes, there is a regimen for healthy winter hair! Shampooing less often will keep your hair and scalp hydrated so your natural oils will have more time to travel down the hair shafts. At Salon Artigiano, we recommend shampooing every two to three days for straight or wavy textures, every four to five days for curly hair, and once per week for highly textured or processed hair. 

Salon Artigiano’s dedicated and gifted stylists are committed to helping you look and feel your best! While we specialize in haircuts, hair color and styles, we also offer hair extensions, keratin treatments and special occasion hair. Let our experts help you customize your hair care routine to your situation and watch your tresses reap the benefits. Click to contact us online or call 609-581-6600 today!