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If you want a change to brighten your dark winter days, why not get a new hair color? Having beautifully colored hair can uplift your spirits even on cloudy, overcast days. So, what colors are trending this season? Warm tones applied using a minimalistic approach, say experts. Shiny hair that is rich and glossy looks effortlessly healthy. 

Let our professional hairstylists help you find the perfect color that will compliment your face and hairstyle this winter. 

Red Hot! – After being a favorite hair color last year, red’s the most sought-after color this season as well. Red highlights pair well with both natural brunette and blonde colors. The emphasis is more on natural tones though. Avoid garish red colors that scream ‘artificial’. Choose from modern auburn, burnt copper, plum red, and merlot wine colors, and be the natural redhead you truly feel in your new hairdo.

Expensive Brunette Highlights – As the name suggests, ‘expensive brunette’ is a shiny and expensive-looking brown hair color that works on all hair types like brunette, blonde, and red. This look is low maintenance. Just darken your hair for a healthy brunette sheen. You can add a touch of balayage or lowlights to compliment this look. 

Chocolate Brown with Honey Colored Highlights – Chocolate brown looks pretty with streaks of golden-honey highlights. Color your hair with this beautiful shade of brown and face the world with confidence.

Warm Brown-Blonde Tones – Warm brown-blonde colors are replacing cool blonde shades this season. Add some warm streaks of ‘bronde’ (a blend of brown and blonde) like tiramisu, caramel, or winter gold to your naturally blonde hair for the best results. 

Color Block Look – Block colors are in vogue today and you can see celebrities like Bella Hadid and Paris Jackson rock this look with flair. It’s a fun technique involving coloring your hair sections in contrasting colors to make them pop. “But leave this technique to the experts”, suggest our hair specialists. “A lot can go wrong if you make a mistake!”

Find Your Perfect Hair Color This Winter – From natural reds, and warm blondes, to deep brunettes, choose from different hair colors this winter. You can also ask your favorite hairstylist to recommend a trending hair color to compliment your face. After getting your hair colored, remember to invest in haircare products like a good quality shampoo and conditioner meant for colored hair. Get a hair mask specific to your hair type and a high-quality pomade to add shine and dazzle the world, one lock, one curl, one wisp at a time! 

Fairy hair aka tinsel hair is a nice little change for the winter blues.  Add some sparkle to your look with a few strands of fairy hair extensions ! To book an appointment with the professionals at Salon Artigiano, call us at 609-581-6600 or send us a message.