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Whether you love experimenting with different hairstyles or your current crowning glory just isn’t pleasing you, hair color is a great way to give yourself a fresh new look. From mild additions to your natural hair shade, to a drastic makeover in the color of your hair, and everything in between, there are several options you can consider. However, given the varying styles in hair coloring techniques, it is no longer sufficient to decide on the color alone. Learn more about the most common hair coloring styles before you book your next appointment at your favorite hair salon in Hamilton, NJ.

Top 5 Hair Coloring Techniques 

  • Highlights: An ever-fashionable technique, highlights add depth to your hair, giving it a multi-dimensional effect. Your natural hair color and the highlight shade will sit side by side and look splendid. This is a great style for someone who has never applied hair color before.
  • Baby Lights: A delicate version of the highlights, baby lights is an ideal technique for creating a one tone color. These fine, subtle highlights give the appearance of the natural hair of babies.
  • Bronde: A combination of brown and blonde, blronde is a great technique to give your hair a simple and subtle refresh. Since bronde fuses the perfect amount of brown and blonde, it can give your hair a flattering, sun-kissed look.
  • Ombré and Sombré: Ombré is a shadowing hair coloring technique that blends two different colors, usually darker at the root and lighter at the ends. An excellent option to create a stark transition and a drastic, edgy look. In sombré, the stylist uses one shade lighter than your base hair color and applies the hair color from the mid-length to the tips. The gradual fade effect offers a soft and seamless transition from dark to light, and gives the hair an elegant, sophisticated look. Both, ombré and sombré speak more to the end results than the coloring technique itself. 
  • Balayage: This modern style involves freehand painting of the hair in a sweeping motion with the brush. It creates a completely unique look for every person, as the end-results depend on the base color and texture of every individual’s hair. Balayage is an ideal hair coloring technique for achieving sun-kissed, natural looking hair.

Rocking the Gorgeous Balayage 

Pronounced as bah-lee-ahge, balayage can work wonders for all shades and textures of hair, making it the most favored hair coloring techniques of all times. Through a soft, natural gradation of lighter shades towards the ends, your stylist can make your hair look like that of a child’s natural hair or replicate the look gained from summers spent at the beach. While each stylist may have a slightly different preference for application, the process involves freehand painting to give the hair a natural finish. Another advantage of the balayage is that it allows your roots to grow out naturally and smoothly, which may not necessarily be the case with highlights or other hair-dying techniques. Chocolate, caramel, honey, cream, platinum, copper, and rose gold are some of the hottest balayage tones, and especially popular amongst celebrities.

Get a Stunning Balayage from the Pros at Salon Artigiano 

Whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy, or kinky, the hair specialists at Salon Artigiano have the artistry and experience to help you achieve your balayage style goals. Our talent team stays abreast of trending styles and techniques and has safe and proven methods to overcome any hair challenges. At Salon Artigiano, we are committed to helping you look and feel your best. Besides hair coloring, styling, and cuts, we also offer keratin treatments, hair extensions, and trending hair styles for special occasions. 

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