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Are you dye curious? Many people would like to color their hair but aren’t sure how to take the plunge. Adding highlights or babylights can introduce you to new tones slowly, allowing you to get used to the process. If you determine that you like the look, you might decide to maintain it or go for fuller color exposure in the future. 

Below, we discuss two different highlighting techniques that you can choose from. Your hairstylist at one of the top hair salons in Hamilton, NJ, can help you determine the tones that would enhance your natural coloring but still create a dramatic effect. 

Two Ways to Highlight!

So, you’ve decided to take your first steps into the world of color only to find out there are more decisions to make! Relax, this is the fun part.

Choose between highlights and babylights to brighten your natural hair, creating contrast and a youthful effect:

  • Highlights: Men and women have been adding highlights to give their hair depth for decades. This multidimensional hair coloring technique leaves your natural hair intact but adds contrast that helps your hairstyle stand out. There are several techniques for highlighting that you can discuss with your hairstylist. From traditional foils to balayage, choose the highlighting technique that best matches your goals.
  • Babylights: Subtlety is the name of the game when it comes to babylights. Think of the beautiful natural tones that appear in a baby’s hair. You see fine gradations of a single tone. With this technique, your hairstylist can help you achieve a similar, more grown-up version of this look.

Benefits of Enhancing Your Hair with Highlighting

Are you a dye virgin? If you have never colored your hair, introducing babylights or highlights can help you determine whether you would like to fully commit to a color regimen.

Here are some other benefits of choosing one of these highlighting methods:

  • Less chemical exposure then fully dyeing your hair.
  • Create the illusion of sun kissed natural highlights.
  • If you like your natural color, this is a great way to enhance it without covering it up.
  • Lower maintenance than full coloring.
  • More cost-effective than full coloring.

Do you still have questions about which type of highlights are best for you? Book an appointment with a top New Jersey hair professional for an expert consultation. Call 609-581-6600 or contact us online