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If you’re going to invest in hair extensions, it’s important to conduct the right research first. For example, do you know whether tape in or bonded extensions would suit your look and lifestyle best? The good news is that we’ve done some of the research for you! Below, we compare bonded with heat versus tape in extensions. This will help you have a more in-depth conversation with your stylist at the top hair salon in Hamilton, NJ.

Tape In Extensions

Some people prefer the simplicity of tape in extensions. For this procedure, the hairstylist sections your hair from the bottom up, placing tape extensions 1 centimeter from the root. They move up methodically row by row on the back of your head. Your stylist may apply heat very briefly to help the adhesive stick to your hair. 

Here are the basics of care and maintenance:

  • Tape in extensions last between six and eight weeks.
  • As with any type of hair extensions, wait 48 hours prior to washing your hair or putting products in it. In the case of tape in extensions, this allows the adhesive to firmly bond with your hair. 
  • Wash your hair no more than every two to three days for long lasting results.
  • When showering, avoid placing shampoo or conditioner or any other products directly on the tape.
  • To avoid tugging while brushing your hair, place your hand around a section of hair and stroke gently.
  • Pat your hair dry when you finish swimming to avoid chemical damage to the adhesive bonds.

Removing Tape In Extensions

When you are ready to remove your tape in extensions, make an appointment. It only takes your stylist a few minutes to apply a solvent that allows them to peel off the tape. While you can get extensions re-installed immediately, it’s better to wait a few weeks to give your hair a break.

Extensions Bonded with Heat

Extensions bonded with heat are applied in a similar way to tape in extensions. Your extension specialist will section your hair from the bottom up. Then, they handle a small clump at a time when installing the extensions. In this method, the extensions themselves have the glue included. The stylist uses a heating tool to bond individual extensions into place. It only takes a second for the heat to bond the extension to your natural hair. It typically takes between 200 and 300 pieces to complete your styling. 

Here are further details about bonded extensions:

  • Extensions bonded with heat last up to three months.
  • Avoid washing your hair for 48 hours. You can wash your hair every two to three days afterwards.
  • Use a loop brush to prevent damage to the extensions.
  • Avoid placing flat irons directly on the bonds.
  • Chlorine and saltwater can damage bonded extensions. Therefore, you should avoid both the ocean and swimming pools.

Removing Bonded Extensions

When you make an appointment to remove your bonded extensions, the hairstylist will apply a remover gel and use a tool to squeeze the bond and remove the loosened extensions. For best results, give your hair one month to recover prior to re-installing extensions.

Which Should You Choose?

In general, tape in extensions take a fraction of the time as bonded extensions. Bonded extensions also cost twice as much or more than tape ins. However, there are other factors to consider. For example, bonded extensions last longer and may provide a more natural look. If you are an avid swimmer, you might wish to go for tape in extensions, which allow you to swim without compromising your extensions. 

Do you still have questions about which hair extensions are best for you? Book an appointment with a top New Jersey hair professional for an expert consultation. Call 609-581-6600 or contact us online


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