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Hair extension services are one of the more luxurious salon hair service available but finding the best hair extensions for your hair type can be confusing. Salon ARTigiano is a full service salon in Hamilton, NJ that offers hair extension services? Hair extensions can be expensive so it’s important to do some research before deciding on the type of extension. For example, do you know whether tape in or bonded extensions would suit your look and lifestyle best? Don’t worry Salon ARTigiano has done some of the research for you!

Hair Extension Salon in Hamilton, NJ

Whether your hair is straight or curly the stylists at Salon ARTigiano have the experience to help you select the proper type of har extension. Our talent team stays abreast of trending styles and techniques and has safe and proven methods to overcome any hair challenges. At Salon Artigiano, we are committed to helping you look and feel your best. In addition to hair extension services we offer coloring, styling, cuts, keratin treatments and trending hair styles for special occasions. 

Are you ready for your hair extension consultation, color, or style? Book an appointment with our pros today. Call 609-581-6600 or contact us online.

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