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Those of you who are fortunate enough to have naturally curly hair can enjoy the beauty and manageability during the winter, fall and spring seasons.  But then comes the heat and humidity of summer that can turn those beautiful curls into uncontrollable frizz!

No worries, we have the solution for this problem!  Have you ever considered a Keratin treatment that can eliminate frizz, protect the hair from humidity, strengthen the hair shaft, reduce texture, lock-in color services, add shine, and increase styling manageability?  

What is a Keratin Hair Treatment? 

A keratin hair treatment is a process that helps straighten and smooth frizzy or damaged hair, and add shine, silkiness and softness to your hair. Keratin itself is a fibrous protein that the body produces naturally and acts as a protective shield against humidity that causes frizz. Keratin treatments essentially fill in the gaps where keratin has been depleted, so that hair looks and feels healthier.

Who Should Get a Keratin Hair Treatment?

A keratin hair treatment is most beneficial for those who want to remove frizziness and decrease hair volume without losing their natural curl pattern. When deciding to get a keratin treatment, consult with the salon professionals at Salon ARTigiano. We have specific training and experience in performing keratin hair treatments to ensure optimal results for your hair type, especially when it comes to processed or damaged hair.

How To Care for a Keratin Treatment?

With a proper process and care, you can typically benefit from smooth, shiny, and manageable hair that lasts around three to four months.  Because the keratin liquid that gets sealed in the hair washes out a little bit with each shampoo, using a gentler formula and washing less frequently can extend the efficacy of the treatment.

Keratin Hair Treatments have been growing in popularity for their ability to deliver silky-straight strands with some serious staying power. It can be a dream come true for anyone who wants to manage or smooth out frizzy, curly, or wavy hair!

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