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Your hair – it’s your crowning glory. You feel like a million bucks when your hair complements your style. However, it’s difficult to deal with dry, tangled, and messy hair, and one can spend endless hours trying to style it right. Getting your hair trimmed from time to time can help alleviate some of these problems. But what are the signs that tell you that you need a hair trim? Let’s see what hair care experts say about how often you should cut your hair.

When Should You Get a Hair Cut?

Though it depends on many factors, experts recommend getting a trim “at least once in 6-8 weeks”. This is assuming that hair grows about half an inch every month. Let’s see what other tips hair experts recommend depending on your hairstyle, length, and texture.

If you have short hairlike a pixie shag or a shaggy lob, you probably need to trim it once in 4-6 weeks. The frequency of a hair trim also depends on the bangs you might have. Baby bangs will need trimming more often than curtain bangs to keep them in shape. Layers also need to be trimmed from time to time to maintain their shape.

For medium-length and long hair,get a haircut once in 8-10 weeks. Both medium and long hair doesn’t need to be trimmed as often as short hair to maintain its look. However, if you notice split ends or feel that you need to get your bangs in shape or your layers shortened, go ahead, and make a visit to your haircare professional. 

If you have tight curls,you may not require a trim more than once every 3-4 months. However, soft loose curls might require more visits to the salon to maintain their shape. 

Dry hair and split ends are every ‘hair-conscious’ person’s nightmare. Get your hair trimmed by your hairstylist from time to time to remove split ends. Invest in good quality haircare products like hair masks and stay away from applying heat equipment on your hair till it bounces back to its healthy self.

Keep Your Hair Looking Healthy with a Timely Hair Trim

If you have been thinking of trimming your hair yourself, do so only if you know how. Otherwise, it can lead to a hair disaster which can be both difficult and expensive to fix. Going to an expert hairstylist is an investment that pays off instantly. Stay on top of your haircut schedule and make an appointment with your favorite hairstylist when you need it.

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