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Winter is here, and with it comes a fresh wave of hair trends that promise to add warmth and style to the cold, crisp days ahead. Whether you are a fan of long layered tresses or rich-dark hues, this winter of 2023 has something for everyone. Let’s peek into the winter hairstyle trends signaling new beginnings this season.

Create a Splash with Neptune Waves  – The Neptune Waves look is an absolute head-turner for those aspiring to channel their inner ‘wavy girl.’ Embraced by celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Gwyneth Paltrow, this mermaid-inspired style can be achieved with a three-pronged heating device. For those opting for a heat-free approach, simply create a middle part and braid each side before bedtime. Can’t wait? Expedite the process with a hair dryer. Unleash your locks to reveal effortlessly crimped, beautifully textured waves. 

Long Layers Are Here to Stay – If you have healthy long tresses and don’t want to shorten them, then this trendy hairstyle is the one for you. Create this look by adding many different layers to your hair, with the shortest layers framing your face, followed by longer lengths. If you don’t want too many layers, reduce them to the amount that you are comfortable with.  The long-layered look allows you to add volume to your hair while removing excess weight. 

I Spy Some Pumpkin Spice! – The Pumpkin Spice hair color is the talk of the town this winter. This color applied using the balayage technique complements light as well as dark-colored hair and looks great on all skin tones. Add some subtle undertones of cinnamon or copper to achieve an interesting touch and you are all ready to face the world. 

Bob Hairstyle – This extremely versatile hairstyle has been around for a while and with good reason. The Bob hairstyle looks good on all hair lengths and can be done on bangs, layers, as well as curls. Try different shaggy hairstyles, the short layered style, or messy bob, and stay on top of the trend. 

In Love with Purple! – Craving a burst of vibrant color to uplift your winter mood? Look no further than the Purple Balayage – the perfect choice for adding a pop of excitement to your locks. If deep purple tones aren’t your preference, consider opting for a gentler lavender balayage to infuse a captivating hue into your winter palette. Remember, the semi-permanent purple shade may fade after a few washes. However, the low-maintenance nature of balayage means touch-ups are only required every six months. To preserve those tones, reduce shampoo frequency and minimize heat styling for a longer-lasting effect. 

Elevate Your Winter Look with Trendsetting Tresses

As winter settles in, it’s time to give your hair a seasonal makeover. Whether you are gearing up for a night out with beautiful Neptune Waves cascading your face or opting for the richness of dark purple or cool lavender balayage, there’s a perfect winter look waiting just for you. Stay effortlessly stylish and snug by adopting a winter hairstyle that compliments your personality. Get some great tips on trendy hairstyles from your favorite haircare professional to help you make the perfect choice this season. 

Our committed team of hair care experts at Salon Artigiano boasts a wealth of experience and specialized training. We are here to assist you in selecting a hairstyle that not only exudes fashion-forward flair but also enhances your confidence. Get in touch with us to create a magical transformation this winter that mirrors your unique personality.

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